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  • DFE Shaker Screens
  • DFE Shaker Screens
Supplying from stock points across the globe
Quality screens API 13E & 13C Compliant
Our shaker screens will save you time & money

Design & Manufacture of 
Shale Shaker Screens for over 20 years.

Our screens will fit linear, elliptical or circular motion shale shakers.

DFE Shaker Screens (formerly Pacific Wire Panels) is setting the standard for product integrity and performance. DFE Shaker Screens manufactures a complete line of replacement screens for all shale shakers in the oil field drilling industry. Whether your vibratory shaker is linear, elliptical, or a circular motion machine, we can provide a quality screen for you.

When you are faced with screening challenges offshore or onshore our specialist screen technicians who are trained and experienced in all aspects of solids control, will work with you to provide the best possible solution to meet your specific solids removal needs.

DFE Shaker Screens is easily able to manufacture screens provided by original equipment manufacturers. However, knowing that one size does not fit all in the solids removal world, DFE can also provide several screen designs to meet your requirements. The RDX, available for every shaker, provides outstanding screen life for heavy loading applications. DFE Shaker Screens’ HDX offers a higher capacity screen with an improved longevity over other suppliers screens.

DFE Shaker Screens sell shale shaker screens around the world. All screens comply with API 13C & 13E specifications.
Delivering expert advice to get the best out of your shaker screens.
All screens are API 13E & 13C compliant.
Delivering screens wordwide for Oil & Gas, Mining & Micro Tunnelling environments.

People Say

  • Using the HDX and RDX screens gives you longer screen life, minimizing screen changes and downtime.

  • High quality screen construction, minimizing screen mechanical failures.

  • We can provide screens with higher conductance’s which increase flow capacity.

The RDX mesh screen is a strong triple layer screen whose design includes wire diameters over 75% thicker than conventional screens, and 30% thicker than other suppliers “premium” screens.
The HDX cloth offers wire diameters of up to 50% thicker than conventional screens. These thicker wires are stronger and more resistant to help ensure longer screen life.
DX Square Mesh, RDX Oblong Mesh Triple Layer, HDX Oblong Double Layer.

DFE Shale Shaker Screens

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